It’s funny how my first blog focus is about traveling and food and my reaction piece happens to be about Germany and food

The quotes from all the locals that live by Edelweiss make the story more personable. It shows that multimedia can help readers get a better understanding of what they are reading. It can help other people relate to the experience because the story is about immigrants opening up a bakery and are maintaining their culture. There are so many immigrants that had to start from scratch in the United States. Although everyone has to adjust to American culture, most try to keep their roots whether it’s by food, music, or people. “Thursday German Days,” is a great way to experience good food and German culture. The accordion music played by Alfred Zeller makes Thursdays at Edelweiss a little more “German” than most days. The bakery brings people together and that is really what Zeller’s goal was. To keep his German culture alive, attract ladies, and to really enjoy his life. 

The article shows a charming side of food and culture. The video montage of pictures, music, and people speaking really make it easier for the readers to understand the full experience.  It makes you feel warm inside by watching and it makes you want to experience Edelweiss yourself.


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  1. You should link to both pieces and make the links clickable.


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