Travel well, eat swell.

Brian Lenehan is a food connoisseur. There is no one else I know that is as enthusiastic about food. Every detail, every flavor, and the presentation all matter whether or not the food is from a diner or from a five-star restaurant. Lenehan loves food so much that sometimes he will go out of his way to eat the best foods. Traveling to eat is his idea of a great vacation.

Lenehan took a short trip to California and on his way back he purposely stopped for one night in Chicago to experience Gourmet Magazine’s pick for the best restaurant in America, Alinea. The head chef, Grant Achatz was named the “Best Chef in America” of 2008 by the James Beard Foundation. When I asked him why he deliberately stopped to eat in Chicago he said,

“Food is my passion. I want to experience the best there is. What’s here today won’t be tomorrow, so I don’t want to miss anything.” 

Lenehan said that if you’re going to spend money to travel, it should be a priority to eat something great while you’re there to ensure that the city you visit leaves a lasting impression. 

“There is nothing more lasting than a new flavor to your palette,” Lenehan said.


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