All In

The pro-poker lifestyle is an interesting one, luckily my boyfriend happens to be one of these “professional poker player”. I admit that it’s tough to live on edge but the freedom he gets to go wherever and do whatever is something I envy…something that most people envy.

James St. Hilaire has traveled the world in the past year participating in tournaments. Before 2008, St. Hilaire rarely traveled much and had never even been to the West Coast. Since then he has been to California, Nevada, Monaco, Italy, and more. His first experience in Europe was in San Remo, Italy.

“When I first got to Italy, I was so excited…unfortunately I don’t speak a word of Italian. It started to get frustrating when no one understood us, it took us a half an hour to order a pepperoni pizza,” St. Hilaire said.

Whenever he had a break from playing in tournaments, he would walk around the town. Meet people and try his hardest with his broken Spanish to communicate with those who could understand him.

“I met these Spanish guys who were playing in the tournament, they all laughed at my Spanish but I was surprised they actually understood me. We went sight-seeing together and we managed to have a really good time,” St. Hilaire said.

His freedom to go wherever he desires (for instance, he decided yesterday that he was going to London today) is something that most people want to have. Poker players are lucky (or unlucky) to be able to go all over the world to test their skills.


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