After looking at all the blog choices, I figured that Gawker would be a fun one to react to. Like most college girls, I love gossip. Whether it is about politics, movie stars, or just in the news, I love to hear what is brewing in the life of entertainment.

The Gawker blog is set up in a similar way as YouTube in which the most recent and popular videos of the day are displayed on the homepage. All of the blogs are set up so that each have some sort of multimedia attached to it. Not only are all of the videos or photos an asset to the blog, they make it much more entertaining and funny.

My favorite blog of the day definitely has to be Barack Obama’s eerie smile . It is absolutely hysterical, it shows President Obama’s smile which is identical in almost every picture. It’s a quick slideshow of Obama and other politicians and celebrities posing the exact same way. The video is effective, you press play and for 22 seconds you’re probably going to be laughing your ass off.

Gawker is the type of blog that when people have a bad day, they go Gawker for a nice laugh or for the scoop on gossip in the world of entertainment.


2 responses to this post.

  1. From reading this I will be checking out this blog. It sounds fun and interesting. An who doesn’t need a good laugh? I do have one comment concerning the use of cuss words in your blog. I’m not sure if that is a vibe your going for, but as something that can be used for your portfolio, I would argue against it. Overall, your page looks cool and you really made me want to check out Gawker!


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