This past year magazines all over the world have been making the effot to seek greener pastures, or in this case, greener paper. Big name magazines including Shape , Mother Jones , Nickelodean and Everyday with Rachael Ray are among the many magazines that have decided to use recycled paper in their magazine. Most of these magazines have partnered up with Green America Better Paper Project .

This project is one that has imrpinted (pun intended) the mindset to many publishers in the magazine world that going green is for the better. The project’s main purpose to inform people how to preserve the forests that are being destroyed to create more paper. As well was educating the magazine world, they create tools and resources in order to help the publishers. Since this project, the magazine industry has strived to better the environment. The project brings up opportunities with networking to make the switch to using recycled paper easier. The project has incentives for magazines to go green by giving rewards and those magazines that have put in an effort have gotten things in return. Amazon hi-lights the magazines that are using recycled paper and along with Amazon, book store Barnes and Noble has promoted the magazines that have used recycled paper in their magazines. Promoting green magazines have helped make profits due to the special racks that the magazines were on at Barnes and Noble.

Although the top name magazines haven’t started using recycled paper yet, the new trend of going green has started and since magazines like to follow trends there might actually be a greener magazine world.


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  1. Everyone is looking to go greener, I don’t know if Al Gore has scared everybody into or not, but everybody wants a better world. All it takes is one person of importance to step up and make a difference, and if one big magazine starts using recycled paper it will hopefully get others to do this as well. I’m all for it.


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