UMBC Magazine

College campuses have made an effort to recycle, plant trees, and go for the green look. At UMBC their efforts to go green have gone up and beyond. UMBC magazine uses recycled paper in every edition. The editor in chief Richard Byrne said,

“Because we are a new magazine, we made the decision to use recycled paper right from the start, we like the look and feel of the magazine and feel that we’ve suffered no downgrade in the aesthetics or design of the magazine by making this choice.”

Byrne said that he wanted to follow UMBC’s green project and wanted to put forth an effort to change and help the environment. After deciding not to use gloss paper, he realized that the feel and look of the paper felt right. The purpose was to try and distinguish their magazine compared to local universities.

“I wanted to show that we are a Maryland school that is really making an effort. We wanted to set an example and try to inform others on how using recycled paper is the best thing to do,” Byrne said.

Going green is a great idea however costs for a magazine are already high with ads, using gloss paper, having sponsors, etc. Due to the use of recycled paper, UMBC’s magazine cost has gone up.

“It was already factored into our initial budget. It adds a bit to the printing cost (I don’t have the numbers at my fingertips), but it is worth it,” Byrne said.

The UMBC magazine just started to publish again after it took a hiatus in the early 90’s and since then their modern approach has gotten great feedback from their readership.


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  1. Great interview. It’s good that you are using people who are high up there in their profession, like an editor in chief. I think you should incorporate this in your slideshow at the end, because you can get some good pictures from this. For example, different events going on at UMBC to show the whole “going green” effort. I think you should link to the magazine as well if you can. I want to know what it looks like. The more links, the better.


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