And America’s Greenest Campus Is…

The The New York Times published an article about which campuses have been the “greenest” in the year 2009. And the organizers of the America’s Greenest Campus announced a Maryland school to be the best this past year. Among the 460 schools that participated, The University of Maryland was awarded $5,000 for having the most participants in the strive to having a more eco-friendly campus. Among the 20,000 participants in the contest, the 2,257 members that were registered were students from UMD. The amount of CO2 that was reduced was 1.29%. The Department of Energy funded the grants and the grants should be used to have greener initiatives and change the outlook of students and faculty on how to save the environment.

The purpose of this contest was to promote better habits within the people who waste energy the most. People within the ages of 17-24 are presumed to have bad energy-saving habits and the goal is help them change. Celebrities are trying to encourage students to save energy, Russell Simmons being one of those celebrities. He created a video to reach out to those that were participating in the contest.
It seems as though to have a celebrity that reaches out to students to maintain better habits could have helped with the outcome of all the students that had participated in the contest.


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  1. Good idea to add the video clip. Embedding it into your blog really ratchets up the look of the post.


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