Environmentally Correct

After hearing about the win at University of Maryland , I thought that it would be a good idea to ask around at UMD for students reactions on the $5,000 win.

Katy McIntyre, an active member of UMD’s Student Government Association talked about how most of the SGA was involved in the contest.

“As leaders of the campus, we always want to set the right example for our peers. We sat out on the mall and we constantly talked about how students should join. It looks like they listened because out of 20,000 people we made about 15% of the contest. That is an incredible amount and it is definitely something to be proud of,” McIntyre said.

As McIntyre explained about how students would petition outside of the Student Union and try to get as many students aware of how they can make the college campus a better and environmentally healthier place.

Paul White, a senior at UMD talked about how he was eating at the union and he stepped outside and was surrounded by posters and his peers advocating for better energy habits. He was one of the participants in the Climate Culture contest for the greenest college in America.

“As a student, especially one living on campus, it’s never a priority to think about the environment. Before I was stopped, I never really recycled even though the cans were in front of me, I never would have participated in a contest, and in general I just didn’t care,” White said.

Since then, White has become a green activist in one of UMD’s clubs and he hopes that because they won this year, that next year there will be a bigger outcome.

“I hope that more students will be aware. It’s teamwork to save our world,” White said.


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  1. This is a nice follow-up to the Times article. Nice to get the quotes to flesh it out.


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