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Journalism Online by Mike Ward

Journalism Online by Mike Ward

Does anyone else find it funny that Mike Ward’s textbook, Journalism Online, is in print? I just thought that was a little ironic. Regardless of the irony, Ward’s advice on online journalism has some key points to helping a journalist new to the online media get a jump start on their career. Specifically I think that chapter five, Online story construction, was a good chapter to understand how to maintain a good story. The five tips given by Leah Gentry are constructive and useful to keep the reader’s attention. Follow the guidelines, figure out the strength of the media, deconstruct and reconstruct your story, and don’t take the technology aspect out of context. Each tip makes you keep with the objective of the story, makes you incorporate the important aspects of online writing, makes you keep the attention of your reader to make sure that they just don’t click to a new story.

The online resource I found helpful was the What not to do on Twitter beat-blog. I know for a fact that I forget why twitter is actually there. It is about content and not about the count in the amount of words you use in your “tweet”. It reminds you that unlike facebook, twitter is straight to the point. You can’t dilly-dally around what your main idea is when you have a limit on words. People follow you because you have a purpose not because you’re telling a 140 word story. Keep to the point when using new social medias.

It’s apparent that online journalism is different and you need to stick to advice given by professionals to try to have a profession. The tips are simple, you just have to follow them.


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