Living on a Dollar a Day in Malawi

Wow. There is nothing more moving that reading an article like Living on a Dollar a Day in Malawi.

The story is so touching, it’s so sad and it makes a struggle for me seem like nothing. It’s incredible how these people survive on a dollar. Sometimes they’ll eat and other days they won’t. Their daily lives deal with so many chores including carrying gallons of water on their heads, getting fertilizer for their soil and try to limit their spending as much as possible. Martha’s journey is someone to look up to, she wants to be a journalist, but she and her family don’t have enough money to get a proper education to become a news reporter.

The sound clip really makes you understand what the Phiri family is going through. You can hear the water, the animals you hear the family talking to you. Even with all the struggle you still hear them laughing and that is something that I really appreciate. I think I often forget about how blessed I am to have all these things and I sometimes take my life for granted, but listening to their story is so touching and it makes me realize that I have more than enough.

The pictures are also really moving. You can see how skinny the family is from the lack of food. You see what they have to do every day, you see where they live and you see that they’re still smiling.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to live with only a dollar a day, I do know that I should never take my life for granted.


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