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Hybrids are the new hip cars. Not only are they stylish but they are helping the earth. So what exactly is a hybrid car? A hybrid car uses two or more different kinds of power sources to get the car moving. So how does that save our environment? It achieves greater fuel economy and releases less harmful gases into the air. But why else are hybrid cars great? Well, they are cheap! Now that the year 2009 is coming to an end, 2010 brings more eco-friendly cars. The top 10 eco-friendly cars of 2010 were listed. Among the top 10 is the Toyota Prius which has been a reoccurring contestant on the environmentally friendly list for cars. A model starts around $22,000, making it a very affordable car… meaning less green for the green car. The Prius is one of the most popular cars when you think of green cars, however the number one eco-friendly car is one that many people don’t think of. The Chevy Volt 230 is the best green car of 2010. Why did it get the number one spot? The 230 in the name stands for the amount of miles the car gets per gallon. It is one of the most technically advanced cars because the electric engines in the car can go up to 40 miles without a charge which means if you drive 40 miles you might not use up any gas. Although this model is about $40,000 making it pricier than most eco-friendly cars, the cost of using gas less definitely evens out.


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  1. Good post, Lily — esp. how you included the video. FYI, the Volt is not yet on the market and the claim of 230 mpg has never been tested. For a trip longer than 40 miles, it might be more like 20 mpg!


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