High Heel Racing?

I know that there are weird races around the world like pig races, turtle races, running of the bulls…but high heel racing? The Tuesday before every Halloween, the people of 17th St. in Washington D.C. get dressed up and put on a nice pair of heels to get ready for their annual race.

I was looking through these pictures and I could not stop laughing. It kind of reminded me of “Hon Fest” in Baltimore with all the crazy outfits. Men and women both dressed up for the occasion and it is hysterical. The pictures make the event so much more effective than just reading an article about it. The costumes wouldn’t be as entertaining if I were reading a description in print rather than seeing it in a picture. Even though it was raining this past Tuesday, the people drew crowds and entertained them. You can see the crowds laughing and smiling, you can see the people participating with hysterical expressions and you can really feel the vibe of the night through the photographs.

It’s important in media these days to add pictures into their text so that the audience has a better understanding of the event. It makes people want to stay and click on the next photo instead of clicking to another website. It’s a smart way to keep people enticed.

Wouldn’t you want to click on the next picture after seeing this?

High Heel Race

Men and women racing in heels.


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  1. Make sure you get permission to use others’ photos! And then include a credit line.


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