Vroom vroom, or is it zip zip?

Towson University is one of many universities within the country that is using the new car sharing system called the Zipcar . There are four simple steps to borrowing the Zipcar and they are: join, reserve, unlock and drive. When you go onto their website you can sign up and then the process is simple from there. Not only is the process simple but for Towson students it’s only $35 a year!

Zipcar parked in front of Richmond and Newell HallsI always walk by the two hybrid Zipcars that are parked in front of Richmond and Newell Halls and I always see them available. I think that this brilliant idea isn’t really being utilized by the students and I asked a couple of freshmen why.

Sarah Kaewsowatana said that she knew that the cars were there but she was afraid that it would be such a hassle.

“I know it’s really convenient because it’s right there and it’s pretty cheap, but I don’t really trust that kind of a program. Really it’s only $35…well what’s the catch? I don’t buy it,” Kaewsowatana said.

Another freshmen, Alexa Demski wasn’t even aware of such a program at our campus.

“I love the idea, I’m surprised I never heard of it. It’s great because it’s hard for us [freshmen] to have cars on campus. I wish someone had told me about it,” Demski said.

It’s obvious that the students aren’t aware of the smart idea of sharing cars, so why isn’t Towson making a bigger effort to make it known?

It’s smart and it’s savvy. It’s environmentally healthy to be sharing cars especially hybrid cars. There’s less gas in the air, less money for gas and it’s a free parking spot. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of such a smart idea?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’d like to see you follow up on this by talking to whoever at TU is in charge of the Zip cars — what are they doing to raise visibility of them? Also, the Zip people would probably have some great stories about their acceptance on other campuses.


  2. Posted by rhiannon86 on November 30, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    Cool post! Until now, I had heard of Zip cars but I didn’t know how it worked. I’m suprised freshman aren’t using them as well. I think it was Lieb that was talking about how you can reserve your zipcar and unlock it with your iPhone? Crazy! It would be cool to hear from someone who actually uses the zipcars. Nice post!


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