Green Water

When I think of green water, I think of the water in the Inner Harbor…however the water I’m talking about tastes a lot better than Inner Harbor gunk.

I’m talking about water that comes in a bottle. Since the world has noticed our earth deteriorating, we’ve started to make an effort to make a change. Companies that sell bottled water like Deer Park and Aquafina have decided to change the look of their bottles to make them more eco-friendly. So what does that mean exactly? Deer Park made their bottle easier to hold and lighter which means there was less energy used to create the bottle which reduced CO2 emissions. The label on the bottle is smaller, the bottle is recyclable and easier to crush and is made with 30% less plastic than the average bottle. Aquafina designed a bottle with 50% less plastic than their bottle in 2002. Their website makes people aware of their goal to go green. They have different pages to encourage people to recycle, to get invovled in the community and to feel the difference.

Besides buying bottled water, you can always opt for buying one bottle for your water and reusing it. There are new bottles every year, but sometimes the “green” bottle may cause a ruckus. Time Magazine had an article about the Sigg water bottle that is claimed to be one the most eco-friendly bottles. However the Sigg bottle was not bisphenol-A free. BPA is a chemical that hardens plastic but it is a controversial chemical that can be linked to diabetes and reducing sperm count in men. Although Sigg has promised to trade their bottles for BPA-free lined bottles, the “green” bottle has gotten a bad reputation.


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  1. Posted by williampearce on November 9, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Clever lead-in…It’s interesting to me that very rarely do people concern themselves with the health risks of a food / drink container. Usually the worry lay in the product itself. I note Time magazines focus on the adverse effects BPA has on the human body; what direct effect does this chemical have on the environment itself?


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