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I was waiting for Chrys Wu to respond to my e-mail but I haven’t gotten a response yet…so I’ll talk about the maps on 10,000 Words . The maps that were on the website were really effective.

As the economy deteriorates, jobs have been lost and it has taken a huge toll on people’s lives. The Geography of Jobs was the most powerful in my opinion. It showed where people have lost their jobs and where people have gotten jobs. If I looked at this map in 2004, I would immediately move to Southern California, Southern Florida or stay in the Baltimore area in order to find a job. But it’s interesting to see that in 2009 the places where you gained the most jobs, you’ve lost them. I think it’s smart to add a map into blogs because it makes the information more effective. It’s easier to imagine it rather than reading facts.

The H1N1 FluTracker is a great map to look at lately. Since the whole swine flu outbreak has happened, parents all over the world are freaking out about this epidemic. Where are the most outbreaks? Where do we need to stay away from. Since swine flu is a world-wide epidemic, everyone is curious to see where the flu has spread to. You can see on the map numbers of people who have gotten the flu. It’s an easier way to read data.

Track The Money is a great interactive map. I love this map because you can click on the different states and different data pops up for every state. On the data box there is a key so you can understand how much money the state has in grants, loans and contracts. It’s informative to those who are interested in the financial data of the states.

All in all the data on the maps are useful and it’s easier to understand the information. I think it’s a smart way to show your audience what your purpose is.


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