For Want of Water

I read the Online News Association General Excellence Award winner Las Vegas Sun’s project on the water issue in Las Vegas.

“For Want of Water” was a great article to read about, it talks about Las Vegas running out of water. The desert is soon going to run out of all kinds of water, Lake Mead is predicted to dry out by 2021. There is a countdown on the website of when the water will run out. It counts down the days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds and even the milliseconds of when Las Vegas will be completely dried out. The countdown is scary, it’s a reality to see every millisecond of getting closer to a water-less city. The map on the website shows where Lake Mead is in relation to Las Vegas. The article tells how the region is getting dryer and dryer by the day, that the climate change and huge reliance on Lake Mead is making the chances of keeping a “wetter” land is becoming slim to none.

My favorite thing about the project is the interactive video. When you play the video it explains the facts of the problem in the region. When the video talks about a specific area, the map below the video moves to where the video is talking about. Then the video goes onto talking about facts by showing graphs. Then you hear from people who are being effected by the dry problem.

All of the multimedia that is used in this project is incredible. It really helps you understand why Las Vegas and the southern Nevada region is becoming dry and what people are doing to fix the problem. It shows how global warming is a scary thing and that in only a few years, Las Vegas can become a really different place.

When I read this article, it got me thinking…is the Bellagio Fountain show really necessary? Or is it a big waste of water?


Picture taken by Lily Lee of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas might not be the Las Vegas we think of today in 2021.

Las Vegas

Picture taken by Lily Lee in Las Vegas.


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