Organic Yummies

Organic food has become a new trend within colleges. Trying to eat healthy has become a goal for many Americans since we are known in the world for being one of the most unhealthiest countries. So what exactly is organic food? Organic foods are produce or meats that do not use pesticides, insecticides and or herbicides to maintain them.

Because organic food has become so popular lately, supermarkets other than the popular organic supermarkets like:Wegmans,Whole Food’s andTrader Joes, regular supermarkets have started putting up organic food sections.

AtSafeway, Shoppers Food Warehouse and Super Fresh are among the many grocery stores that have started to carry organic foods. I went to Super Fresh the other day and noticed that their big organic section was fruit, specifically apples.

Apples are among the many fruits that have gone organic.


I’ve noticed that besides supermarkets, restaurants have started to incorporate organic food in their recipes as well. In the Baltimore area there are numerous organic restaurants to choose from. Cafes like Flying Avocado in Owings Mills provide the most natural and organic food to their customers. A variety of food ranging from salads, wraps and sandwiches, Flying Avocado incorporates healthy ingredients in their healthy foods. Even nice restaurants like Woodberry Kitchen uses organic meats from local farmers to give the utmost deliciously clean foods.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by rachelciarleglio on November 16, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Hey I think the whole organic food trend is a great topic to research within your whole theme of ‘Going Green.’ I liked how you had a ton of links and went as far as to give the reader examples of actual restaurants they can try in the area. Including the picture also made it appealing to the eye! Watch out for grammatical errors and otherwise your research was solid.


  2. Organic food has always disgusted me, I’m much more of a Burger King kind of guy, but organic foods are becoming a staple all over the place. It would be interesting to find a some college students that tend to indulge in these healthier snacks, because the people I know don’t really eat that type of food.


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