Healthy Green Eats

As a marathon runner, I’ve met a ton of people that are very healthy. When I run a good 13 miles, I like to eat a cheeseburger…but Christine Allen likes to eat healthier organic foods.

When I asked Christine why she decided to become a marathoner, she told me that she wanted to find a way to stay healthy. It is pretty cool to say “hey, I ran 26.2 miles today, what did you do?” I think that running 26.2 is enough for me to stay healthy rather than always thinking about all the great nutritious things I should be eating. Christine’s favorite grocery store is Wegmans because of their large selection of organic foods makes her an avid customer.

“My favorite thing at Wegmans are their organic apples. It’s nothing like running a few miles and coming home to snack on a crispy, clean apple,” Allen said.

She said that because there aren’t any access chemicals that were used to grow the apples, she felt healthier about it. Not only that, but she said that she felt safer eating things knowing that there weren’t any chemicals involved in the growth of the product. She said that she wants to feel like she’s exercising and eating healthier so that she can live a longer life.

“I drink water, I eat organic foods and I run because life gets better when you feel better about yourself. I love feeling healthy, it makes me feel lighter. After all, if you’re running 20 or more miles you want to feel as light as possible,” Allen said.

Allen said that eating green, organic things is important because not only are the products free of chemicals, but those chemicals aren’t polluting the air. Organic food does more than one thing, it’s healthy for the body and the environment.

Cherry Blossom Marathon

Christine Allen on the right with two friends at the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Marathon.


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