Green Vodka

When I think of vodka, I think of the powerful clear alcohol that students love to drink. So then what is green vodka? It isn’t actually green, but it is organic. What that means is that the materials used to make the vodka needs to come from organic farms. There are no pesticides used in the grains of the alcohol and no nitrogen or chemicals were used to distill the vodka.

Tru Organic Vodka

The most popular organic vodkas are Square 1 Vodka , Rain Vodka, Tru Vodka and Vodka 14. By drinking these vodkas, whether it’s straight or in a cocktail, it is cleaner to drink. Organic vodka has become popular due to the trend in greener goals for the environment. The producers of the vodkas believe that if it’s helping the earth a little bit by using less chemicals and pesticides then it is worth it to make an effort. Since the use in organic foods has become a trend, it only makes sense for companies to start producing organic alcohol. It isn’t hard to sell and they have become popular among hotels. A couple of big name chain hotels started carrying organic alcohols for their bars and they are the Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton.

Although the prices of organic vodka may be a little steeper than the average Smirnoff or Grey Goose , it is worth the money. It’s a cleaner taste for a cleaner environment.


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  1. I’ve had the Tru Vodka and I have to say that it does not taste good. I understand that it is better for the environment, but are people really going to sacrifice taste at a higher cost just to “save the environment?” I think it would be interesting to talk to some people about whether they would be willing to give up their Belvedere for an organic vodka.


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