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Green Vodka

When I think of vodka, I think of the powerful clear alcohol that students love to drink. So then what is green vodka? It isn’t actually green, but it is organic. What that means is that the materials used to make the vodka needs to come from organic farms. There are no pesticides used in the grains of the alcohol and no nitrogen or chemicals were used to distill the vodka.

Tru Organic Vodka

The most popular organic vodkas are Square 1 Vodka , Rain Vodka, Tru Vodka and Vodka 14. By drinking these vodkas, whether it’s straight or in a cocktail, it is cleaner to drink. Organic vodka has become popular due to the trend in greener goals for the environment. The producers of the vodkas believe that if it’s helping the earth a little bit by using less chemicals and pesticides then it is worth it to make an effort. Since the use in organic foods has become a trend, it only makes sense for companies to start producing organic alcohol. It isn’t hard to sell and they have become popular among hotels. A couple of big name chain hotels started carrying organic alcohols for their bars and they are the Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton.

Although the prices of organic vodka may be a little steeper than the average Smirnoff or Grey Goose , it is worth the money. It’s a cleaner taste for a cleaner environment.


Organic Yummies

Organic food has become a new trend within colleges. Trying to eat healthy has become a goal for many Americans since we are known in the world for being one of the most unhealthiest countries. So what exactly is organic food? Organic foods are produce or meats that do not use pesticides, insecticides and or herbicides to maintain them.

Because organic food has become so popular lately, supermarkets other than the popular organic supermarkets like:Wegmans,Whole Food’s andTrader Joes, regular supermarkets have started putting up organic food sections.

AtSafeway, Shoppers Food Warehouse and Super Fresh are among the many grocery stores that have started to carry organic foods. I went to Super Fresh the other day and noticed that their big organic section was fruit, specifically apples.

Apples are among the many fruits that have gone organic.


I’ve noticed that besides supermarkets, restaurants have started to incorporate organic food in their recipes as well. In the Baltimore area there are numerous organic restaurants to choose from. Cafes like Flying Avocado in Owings Mills provide the most natural and organic food to their customers. A variety of food ranging from salads, wraps and sandwiches, Flying Avocado incorporates healthy ingredients in their healthy foods. Even nice restaurants like Woodberry Kitchen uses organic meats from local farmers to give the utmost deliciously clean foods.

Green Water

When I think of green water, I think of the water in the Inner Harbor…however the water I’m talking about tastes a lot better than Inner Harbor gunk.

I’m talking about water that comes in a bottle. Since the world has noticed our earth deteriorating, we’ve started to make an effort to make a change. Companies that sell bottled water like Deer Park and Aquafina have decided to change the look of their bottles to make them more eco-friendly. So what does that mean exactly? Deer Park made their bottle easier to hold and lighter which means there was less energy used to create the bottle which reduced CO2 emissions. The label on the bottle is smaller, the bottle is recyclable and easier to crush and is made with 30% less plastic than the average bottle. Aquafina designed a bottle with 50% less plastic than their bottle in 2002. Their website makes people aware of their goal to go green. They have different pages to encourage people to recycle, to get invovled in the community and to feel the difference.

Besides buying bottled water, you can always opt for buying one bottle for your water and reusing it. There are new bottles every year, but sometimes the “green” bottle may cause a ruckus. Time Magazine had an article about the Sigg water bottle that is claimed to be one the most eco-friendly bottles. However the Sigg bottle was not bisphenol-A free. BPA is a chemical that hardens plastic but it is a controversial chemical that can be linked to diabetes and reducing sperm count in men. Although Sigg has promised to trade their bottles for BPA-free lined bottles, the “green” bottle has gotten a bad reputation.

Check out my ride…

Hybrids are the new hip cars. Not only are they stylish but they are helping the earth. So what exactly is a hybrid car? A hybrid car uses two or more different kinds of power sources to get the car moving. So how does that save our environment? It achieves greater fuel economy and releases less harmful gases into the air. But why else are hybrid cars great? Well, they are cheap! Now that the year 2009 is coming to an end, 2010 brings more eco-friendly cars. The top 10 eco-friendly cars of 2010 were listed. Among the top 10 is the Toyota Prius which has been a reoccurring contestant on the environmentally friendly list for cars. A model starts around $22,000, making it a very affordable car… meaning less green for the green car. The Prius is one of the most popular cars when you think of green cars, however the number one eco-friendly car is one that many people don’t think of. The Chevy Volt 230 is the best green car of 2010. Why did it get the number one spot? The 230 in the name stands for the amount of miles the car gets per gallon. It is one of the most technically advanced cars because the electric engines in the car can go up to 40 miles without a charge which means if you drive 40 miles you might not use up any gas. Although this model is about $40,000 making it pricier than most eco-friendly cars, the cost of using gas less definitely evens out.

Green is the new black?

I was thinking about taking a little break on how schools are going green so instead I’m going to discuss how students are wearing green. I’ve noticed around campus lately that a lot of students are sporting t-shirts or bags that promote a greener life. And in the fashion industry with big-name designers, they are not only sponsoring many green groups, but are including the “green style” into their clothing lines.

Stella McCartney is among the many designers that have created a green clothing line. McCartney used organic fabrics to pull her collection together and because she is promoting a greener look, other designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Marc Jacobs have incorporated different green lines for their clothes.

In New York City’s fashion week, other designers showcased their green look showing how they have evolved in a more modern and eco-friendly sense.

On the more affordable side for students, other designers are showcased at department stores. Threads 4 Thought and Free People are the most popular among students being sold at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters The clothes don’t have a burlap feel to them so instead they are more stylish and are definitely becoming a big trend in the fashion world. Organic cotton feels just like cotton and just because the clothing is “green” doesn’t mean that the clothes will be less in quality. All of the big name and smaller name designers are making an effort to promote a more environmentally friendly style and it works.

So maybe green is really becoming the new black and I think that’s a good trend to start.

And America’s Greenest Campus Is…

The The New York Times published an article about which campuses have been the “greenest” in the year 2009. And the organizers of the America’s Greenest Campus announced a Maryland school to be the best this past year. Among the 460 schools that participated, The University of Maryland was awarded $5,000 for having the most participants in the strive to having a more eco-friendly campus. Among the 20,000 participants in the contest, the 2,257 members that were registered were students from UMD. The amount of CO2 that was reduced was 1.29%. The Department of Energy funded the grants and the grants should be used to have greener initiatives and change the outlook of students and faculty on how to save the environment.

The purpose of this contest was to promote better habits within the people who waste energy the most. People within the ages of 17-24 are presumed to have bad energy-saving habits and the goal is help them change. Celebrities are trying to encourage students to save energy, Russell Simmons being one of those celebrities. He created a video to reach out to those that were participating in the contest.
It seems as though to have a celebrity that reaches out to students to maintain better habits could have helped with the outcome of all the students that had participated in the contest.


This past year magazines all over the world have been making the effot to seek greener pastures, or in this case, greener paper. Big name magazines including Shape , Mother Jones , Nickelodean and Everyday with Rachael Ray are among the many magazines that have decided to use recycled paper in their magazine. Most of these magazines have partnered up with Green America Better Paper Project .

This project is one that has imrpinted (pun intended) the mindset to many publishers in the magazine world that going green is for the better. The project’s main purpose to inform people how to preserve the forests that are being destroyed to create more paper. As well was educating the magazine world, they create tools and resources in order to help the publishers. Since this project, the magazine industry has strived to better the environment. The project brings up opportunities with networking to make the switch to using recycled paper easier. The project has incentives for magazines to go green by giving rewards and those magazines that have put in an effort have gotten things in return. Amazon hi-lights the magazines that are using recycled paper and along with Amazon, book store Barnes and Noble has promoted the magazines that have used recycled paper in their magazines. Promoting green magazines have helped make profits due to the special racks that the magazines were on at Barnes and Noble.

Although the top name magazines haven’t started using recycled paper yet, the new trend of going green has started and since magazines like to follow trends there might actually be a greener magazine world.