What do you learn in school? You learn about general education, about your major, about yourself and about…recycling. Yes, recycling. Students and faculty in Maryland universities have become more aware of the environmental situation and are putting forth an effort toward a greener lifestyle. University of Maryland Baltimore County , Towson University, and Johns Hopkins University are among the many colleges that have strived to get to greener pastures.

Why is going green so important and why are colleges making it their priority to help the environment? Schools tend to use the most amount of paper and because universities have become more aware, they are making sure to enforce recycling. For every ton of paper that is recycled, you are saving 17 trees. Giving back to the environment has been the goal of universities world-wide.

Global warming has become a bigger issue in 2009. The increase in average temperature of the Earth’s crust keeps increasing because we aren’t taking care of the planet properly. Although some see global warming as a trend, it really is an important factor in how unhealthy our environment has gotten. Sometimes when you listen to Al Gore or Ed Norton you may not feel convinced, but some of the things they are saying are true.

About 4,500 colleges, junior colleges and universities are in the United States. If each one had a goal toward sustainability, it would significantly change the environment. In order for the world to last, you have to make it durable. Goals toward conserving energy and the halt of wasting materials have become many of the universities goals.

UMBC created a magazine using recycled paper. They have made an example of themselves to really make use of all materials. The students and editorial staff took into mind that wasting paper is hurting the environment. They used their creativity to compose a smart and inventive new style in the magazine world.

Towson University has grown each year and the university had to expand. Construction brings a lot of pollution and demolition destroys materials. The architectural staff of the university constructed a sustainability plan. They are reusing the materials from the demolished building, they are using the land effectively and incorporating more efficient ways to conserve energy within the buildings. Their plan to create greener buildings across campus will make students and faculty to stay comfortable while keeping the environment comfortable.

Johns Hopkins Universty and Hospital have combined forces to create green practices in medicine and in the classroom. Recycling has become their main focus campus-wide and throughout their hospitals. The university and Green Team started enforcing ways to use all materials as thoroughly as possible. Plastic, paper and battery cartridges are among the many things that need to be recycled. The importance of being less excessive throughout their community has become their main purpose.

Each university, each campus and each community takes advantage of the environment. Now that people are starting to understand the harsh effects of our lifestyles on the Earth, universities are making it a priority to change their unhealthy habits. Students and faculty across the nation and around the world are making efforts to change and become more eco-friendly. What are you going to do to help?


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