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I drink green, I see green and I feel green

Most students don’t have the money to afford $15 dollar vodkas much less $35 dollar organic vodkas. Towson student, Katie Barrett is a bartender at Luckies at Power Plant Live and she sells Tru Vodka cocktails.

“Since we get the bottles of vodka for less money because we buy in bulk, we sell call drinks and top shelf drinks for about $7-$10. So if they are interested in trying out something new, they don’t need to buy an entire bottle,” Barrett said.

Barrett said that there was a big Tru Vodka promotion at Luckie’s and the promo girls were giving out free samples. The cocktails were screwdrivers which are Tru Vodka and orange juice. They were put in shot glasses and given to customers free of charge.

“Organic vodka is a new thing so people are unsure of how it’s going to taste. The promotion was a great turn out because it turned out that the customers were giving back great feedback. It tastes just like vodka, I’d say the only difference is that it may taste a little stronger than the average vodka,” Barrett said.

The promo girls were giving out t-shirts and bead necklaces that had Tru Vodka’s name on it. They were trying to put their name out there so that people will start to recognize Tru Vodka as an everyday top shelf vodka.

“I’d warn students to try to not drink Tru Vodka too fast. Since you’re mixing the vodka with juice, it can sneak up on you and you can become very drunk very quickly,” Barrett said.

It’s safe to say that Tru Vodka has gotten approval from the public and that organic vodka may become the new Grey Goose. It’s definitely a bang for your buck.


Carrying Green For Less Green

I’ve noticed this trend on campus, where water is the new thirst quencher. I used to see soda and coffee all the time but now it’s water. Not only are students trying to stay healthy but the bottles they are holding are eco-friendly.

Towson University is a big commuter school and Deer Park water company happens to be in Maryland. Not only is it affordable to buy 24-packs but that 24-pack is helping the environment.

Shawna Sogluizzo, a student at Towson is an avid Deer Park drinker.
“I noticed that the bottle changed…maybe last year and on the back of the label it says that it is an Eco-Bottle. Not only is it cheap, I like the taste of Deer Park. It’s refreshing and it doesn’t have that weird after-taste like Nestle Water does,” Sogluizzo said.

Sarah Zuckerman, a student at University of Pennsylvania has a Sigg bottle that she had bought when she was a freshman.

“My mom has always been really eco-friendly and I guess I got that from her. The Sigg bottle is great. I bought a Brita and the bottle which cost me about $50. If I bought packs of water I’d be wasting a lot more. Not only am I helping the environment, I get a cool bottle to carry around,” Zuckerman said.

I am also a Deer Park drinker and I noticed myself that the bottle is light weight. I personally like Deer Park compared to other waters. It’s cheap and it’s from Maryland. I can be proud of carrying my green, recyclable refreshing water around.

Deer Park's Eco-Bottle of water

Green Stylin’

I was walking around campus the other day and I ran into senior Meredith Hansen sporting a shirt that said “I love boys that recycle” and I stopped her because I was interested in where she got the shirt.

“Well, Old Navy was having a sale on graphic t-shirts that were 100% organic and I saw this shirt and I thought it was cute,” Hansen said.

The point is that not only are the shirts organic, but they are presentable. They’re cute and they are promoting a more greener outlook. You may not realize it but you are a walking advertisement to go green. Okay, so maybe the I love boys part may be a little silly but the recycle sign is on the shirt. It is a cute way to tell people that they should be recycling.

Ryan Mazza was sporting a “Think Green” shirt with a tree on it. Granted most people don’t think that they’re going shopping to have green advertisements all over their t-shirts, but people like Mazza put it in thought. Think Green
“I have maybe three shirts that have something about going green or they might be organic. I don’t buy them because they say that. I buy them because they look cool and because they’re really comfortable,”Mazza said.

Students may not recycle all the time or try to attempt to always help the environment, but if they keep shopping and buying organic things it is one step closer to a better environment.

And America’s Greenest Campus Is…

The The New York Times published an article about which campuses have been the “greenest” in the year 2009. And the organizers of the America’s Greenest Campus announced a Maryland school to be the best this past year. Among the 460 schools that participated, The University of Maryland was awarded $5,000 for having the most participants in the strive to having a more eco-friendly campus. Among the 20,000 participants in the contest, the 2,257 members that were registered were students from UMD. The amount of CO2 that was reduced was 1.29%. The Department of Energy funded the grants and the grants should be used to have greener initiatives and change the outlook of students and faculty on how to save the environment.

The purpose of this contest was to promote better habits within the people who waste energy the most. People within the ages of 17-24 are presumed to have bad energy-saving habits and the goal is help them change. Celebrities are trying to encourage students to save energy, Russell Simmons being one of those celebrities. He created a video to reach out to those that were participating in the contest.
It seems as though to have a celebrity that reaches out to students to maintain better habits could have helped with the outcome of all the students that had participated in the contest.


A student at University Maryland College Park, Bill Irvine and I talked about his ideas of going green on campus. He talked about how every classroom has a recycle bin and that because he is so used to recycling at school that he started being aware at his own apartment.

“I used to be lazy and think twice about recycling, but it’s really not hard. You set up an extra trash can and you put your cans in it, or your bottles, or your paper. Such a simple task is really helping the environment. It’s not that I’m this green activist trying to force everyone to stop global warming, but I am trying. I am making the effort to separate my trash,” Irvine said.

He says that because College Park is making such an effort to get students to recycle that it is embedded into his head that it’s the right and easy thing to help out. The impact from the school’s green policy is helping Irvine take it into account and do the same thing at home. He says that it’s easy to collect bottles and cans especially when there are parties.

“We drink a lot, we eat pizza at our parties.¬†And with that¬†there are 2 trash bags full of cans and bottles. A few paper boxes, and you’re set. It only takes a little to help this big situation,” Irvine said.

New Theme, Go Green

As I thought about my research project, I’ve decided to go in a different route that would be a better topic to discuss about. Going green has been a big part of all college campuses around the world and it’s interesting to see how people are going about to help the environment.

How are students trying to go green? What are they doing to get on the list of the top 15 green schools in the world? Included in the top 15 schools is Oberlin College. The students at Oberlin College created a web-based system to calculate how much energy and water is being used. The students are keeping aware of how much energy is used and how to change their lifestyle to decrease the consumption of energy. Along with the system they created, on their school’s website they have a “Green Living Guide” showing students tips on hwo to live a greener lifestyle.

The New York Times showcased Oberlin College and interviewed students to see how they were maintaining a green lifestyle, what experiments they’re doing, and following their example of being environmentally healthy.

Along with Oberlin College, our very own Maryland school was on the top 15 schools making a big effort in the green evironment. Univeristy of Maryland College Park was number 15 on the list of green schools. Their initiative is to become the school most successful in going green.

It seems as though most college campuses are aware of the global situation and are taking matters in their hands to show that they care about the environment and therefore are aiming for greener pastures.